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Ref District Town_Village Denomination Category
253 Famagusta Patriki/Karpasia Panagia Trypimeni Chapel
361 Famagusta Agios Nikolaos Village Agios Nikolaos Church
267 Famagusta Flamoudi cemetery churche Church
266 Famagusta Flamoudi Agios Georgios Church
265 Famagusta Davlos Agios Sozomenos Chapel
264 Famagusta Davlos Agios Nikolaos Chapel
263 Famagusta Patriki/Karpasia Agios Prodromos Chapel
262 Famagusta Gastria/Karpasia Panagia Faneromeni Church
261 Famagusta Gastria/Karpasia Agios Georgios Church
260 Famagusta Patriki/Karpasia Agios Georgios Church
259 Famagusta Ardana Agios Georgios Church
258 Famagusta Ardana Agios Dimitrios Chapel
257 Famagusta Kantara 13 Martyres Monachoi Monastery
256 Famagusta Agios Ilias/Karpasia Agios Ilias Church
277 Famagusta Eptakomi/Karpasia Agios Georgios Church
562 Famagusta Flamoudi Agios Ioannis Theologos Chapel
240 Famagusta Trikomo Agia Varvara Church
241 Famagusta Trikomo Agios Georgios Church
242 Famagusta Trikomo Agios Georgios Church
243 Famagusta Trikomo/Pervolia Agios Epifanios Chapel
244 Famagusta Trikomo Agios Athanasios or Agios Andronikos? Chapel
255 Famagusta Agios Ilias/Karpasia Agios Georgios Chapel
246 Famagusta Gerani/Karpasia Panagia Evangelistria Church
254 Famagusta Patriki/Karpasia Archangelos Michail Church
248 Famagusta Gerani/Karpasia Agios Georgios Church
249 Famagusta Agios Symeon/Karpasia Agios Symeon Church
250 Famagusta Lythragkomi/karpasia Agios Georgios Church
251 Famagusta Lythragkomi Panagia Kanakaria Monastery
252 Famagusta Avgolida Agia Marina Church
278 Famagusta Eptakomi/Karpasia Agios Loukas Church
1 Famagusta Gypsou Timios Prodromos Church
292 Famagusta Komi Kepir/Karpasia Agios Onufrios Church
307 Famagusta Agios Andronikos /Karpasia Agia Fotini Church
306 Famagusta Agios Andronikos/Karpasia Agia Marina (at cemetery) Church
305 Famagusta Koma tou Gialou/Karpasia Agios Prokopios Church
304 Famagusta Koma tou Gialou/Karpasia Timios Stavros Church
303 Famagusta Koma tou Gialou/Karpasia Ayioi Ioakim And Anna Church
302 Famagusta Koma tou Gialou/Karpasia Agios Georgios Church
301 Famagusta Koma tou Gialou/Karpasia Ayia Solomoni Church
300 Famagusta Koma tou Gialou/Karpasia Agios Nikolaos Church

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