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Ref District Town_Village Denomination Category
557 Famagusta Afanteia Agios Demetrios Church
556 Famagusta Afanteia Agios Artemios Church
555 Famagusta Afanteia Agios Georgios Chapel
211 Kyrenia Agia Eirini Agia Eirini Church
112 Nicosia Agia Marina Agia Marina Church
392 Famagusta Agia Trias / Karpasia Agia Trias Church
395 Famagusta Agia Trias / Karpasia Agios Fanourios Chapel
394 Famagusta Agia Trias / Karpasia Agia Pavla Chapel
393 Famagusta Agia Trias / Karpasia Agia Marina Chapel
391 Famagusta Agia Trias / Karpasia Early Christian Basilika Church
332 Paphos Agia Varvara Agia Varvara Mosque Mosque
193 Kyrenia Agios Amvrosios Agios Amvrosios Church
307 Famagusta Agios Andronikos /Karpasia Agia Fotini Church
306 Famagusta Agios Andronikos/Karpasia Agia Marina (at cemetery) Church
114 Nicosia Agios Basileios Agios Basileios Church
201 Kyrenia Agios Epiktitos Agios Dimitrios Chapel
200 Kyrenia Agios Epiktitos Agios Georgios tou Sporou Chapel
198 Kyrenia Agios Epiktitos Agios Epiktitos Church
199 Kyrenia Agios Epiktitos Prophitis Ilias Chapel
109 Kyrenia Agios Ermolaos Agios Ermolaos (New church ) Church
108 Kyrenia Agios Ermolaos Agios Ermolaos (old church ) Church
76 Paphos Agios Georgios Agios Georgios Mosque Mosque
212 Nicosia Agios Georgios Agios Georgios Church
529 Kyrenia Agios Georgios Panagia Airkotissa Church
522 Kyrenia Agios Georgios Agios Georgios Church
153 Famagusta Agios Georgios Agios Georgios Church
255 Famagusta Agios Ilias/Karpasia Agios Georgios Chapel
256 Famagusta Agios Ilias/Karpasia Agios Ilias Church
323 Paphos Agios Ioannis Agios Ioannis Mosque Mosque
324 Paphos Agios Nikolaos Agios Nikolaos Mosque Mosque
361 Famagusta Agios Nikolaos Village Agios Nikolaos Church
536 Famagusta Agios Sergios Agioi Sergios kai Vakchos Church
249 Famagusta Agios Symeon/Karpasia Agios Symeon Church
186 Larnaca Agios Theodoros Mosque Ayios Theodoros Mosque
166 Famagusta Agios Theodoros/Karpasia Agios Evlogios(cemetery) Church
168 Famagusta Agios Theodoros/Karpasia Agios Theodoros Church
167 Famagusta Agios Theodoros/Karpasia Agia Paraskevi Church
504 Limassol Agios Thomas Agios Thomas Mosque Mosque
531 Famagusta Agkastina Agia Paraskevi Church
532 Famagusta Agkastina Agios Therapon Church

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