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Ref District Town_Village Denomination Category
15 Nicosia Nicosia/within the walls Tophane Masjid Masjid
16 Nicosia Nicosia/within the walls Nebet Khane Masjid Masjid
17 Nicosia Nicosia Tophane Masjid Masjid
18 Nicosia Nicosia Tahtakale Mosque Mosque
20 Nicosia Phaneromeni Araplar Mosque (Stauros tou Missirikou) Mosque
21 Nicosia Nicosia Bayraktar Mosque Mosque
430 Larnaca Larnaca Tuzla Mosque Mosque
68 Larnaca Larnaca Zuhuri Tekke & Mosque Tekke
69 Larnaca Larnaca Turabbi Tekkesi Tekke
70 Larnaca Kalo Chorio Vuda Mosque Mosque
71 Larnaca Dromolaxia Hala Sultan Tekke & Mosque Mosque
72 Larnaca Larnaca Jami Kebir Mosque
73 Paphos Kouklia Kouklia Mosque Mosque
74 Paphos Fasoula Fasoula Mosque Mosque
75 Paphos Souskiou Souskiou Mosque Mosque
76 Paphos Agios Georgios Agios Georgios Mosque Mosque
77 Paphos Maronas Maronas Mosque Mosque
78 Paphos Stavrokonnou Stavrokonnou Mosque Mosque
79 Paphos Pitargu Pitargu Mosque Mosque
81 Paphos Falya Falya Mosque Mosque
116 Nicosia Denya Denya Mosque Mosque
117 Nicosia Kutrafa Kutrafa Mosque Mosque
118 Nicosia Koraku Koraku Mosque Mosque
119 Nicosia Flasu Flasu Mosque Mosque
120 Nicosia Orunda Orunda Masjid Masjid
121 Nicosia Peristerona Peristerona Mosque Mosque
122 Nicosia Akaki Akaki Mosque Mosque
155 Nicosia Kotsiatis Kotsiat Mosque Mosque
156 Nicosia Nisou Dizdarkoy Mosque Mosque
157 Nicosia Dali Dali Ziya Pasa Mosque Mosque
158 Nicosia Potamia Potamia Mosque Mosque
182 Larnaca Cellia Celya Mosque Mosque
184 Larnaca Kalavasos Kalavasos Mosque Mosque
185 Larnaca Kossi Kossi Mosque Mosque
186 Larnaca Agios Theodoros Mosque Ayios Theodoros Mosque
187 Larnaca Kivisili Kivisil Mosque Mosque
188 Larnaca Alaminou Alaminou Mosque Mosque
228 Limassol Limassol Piri Ali Dede Tekkesi Tekke
229 Limassol Limassol Dere Mosque (Koprulu Haci Ibrahim Cami) Mosque
230 Limassol Limassol Buyuk Mosque Mosque

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