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Ref District Town_Village Denomination Category
41 Famagusta Famagusta/Within the Walls St. Antony Church
42 Nicosia Exo Metochi Agios Georgios Church
43 Famagusta Livadeia Panagia Kyra Church
44 Kyrenia Lapithos Agios Georgios Exorinos Church
45 Kyrenia Lapithos Agia Anastasia Church
46 Kyrenia Lapithos Agios Theodoros Church
47 Kyrenia Lapithos Agios Kornoutos Church
48 Kyrenia Lapithos Apostolos Loukas Church
49 Kyrenia Lapithos Agia Varvara Church
50 Kyrenia Lapithos Agia Paraskevi Church
51 Kyrenia Lapithos Agios Ioannis Prodromos Church
52 Kyrenia Lapithos Archangelos Michail Church
53 Kyrenia Lapithos Agios Ioannis (Bridge) Church
54 Kyrenia Lapithos Agios Andronikos Church
55 Kyrenia Lapithos Agios Georgios Spiliotis Church
56 Kyrenia Lapithos Panagia Agridiotissa (Airkotissa) Church
57 Kyrenia Lapithos Agia Mavri Church
58 Kyrenia Karavas Panagia Church Church
59 Kyrenia Karavas Agios Georgios Church
60 Kyrenia Karavas Agia Eirini Church
61 Kyrenia Karavas Agios Evlalios Church
62 Kyrenia Karavas (Lambousa) Acheiropoiitos Monastery Church
63 Kyrenia Karavas - Lambousa Agios Fanourios Church
64 Kyrenia Karavas Apostolos Andreas Church
65 Kyrenia Karavas (Motides) Agios Georgios Church
66 Kyrenia Karavas (Fterika) Agios Georgios Church
67 Kyrenia Elia Agios Nikolaos Church
430 Larnaca Larnaca Tuzla Mosque Mosque
68 Larnaca Larnaca Zuhuri Tekke & Mosque Tekke
69 Larnaca Larnaca Turabbi Tekkesi Tekke
70 Larnaca Kalo Chorio Vuda Mosque Mosque
71 Larnaca Dromolaxia Hala Sultan Tekke & Mosque Mosque
72 Larnaca Larnaca Jami Kebir Mosque
73 Paphos Kouklia Kouklia Mosque Mosque
74 Paphos Fasoula Fasoula Mosque Mosque
75 Paphos Souskiou Souskiou Mosque Mosque
76 Paphos Agios Georgios Agios Georgios Mosque Mosque
77 Paphos Maronas Maronas Mosque Mosque
78 Paphos Stavrokonnou Stavrokonnou Mosque Mosque
79 Paphos Pitargu Pitargu Mosque Mosque

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