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Ref District Town_Village Denomination Category
122 Nicosia Akaki Akaki Mosque Mosque
123 Nicosia Kato Zodeia Agios Georgios (Tou xalonou) Church
124 Nicosia Kato Zodeia Timios Stavros Church
125 Nicosia Argaki Timios Prodromos Church
126 Nicosia Avlona Agios Georgios Church
127 Nicosia Fillia Prophitis Ilias Church
128 Nicosia Skylloura Panagia Eleousa Church
129 Nicosia Skylloura Archangelos Church
130 Nicosia Yerolakkos Panagia Evangelistria Church
131 Nicosia Fillia Agios Georgios Church
132 Nicosia Chrisiliou Sotiros Church
133 Nicosia Gerolakkos Agios Mamas Church
134 Nicosia Kapouti Agios Georgios Church
135 Nicosia Pano Zodeia Archangelos Church
136 Nicosia Avlona Agia Marina Church
137 Nicosia Masari Agios Antonios Church
138 Nicosia Katokopia Panagia Church
139 Nicosia Pano Zodeia Agios Georgios Church
140 Nicosia Katokopia Panagia Chryseleousa Church
151 Famagusta Spathariko Agios Georgios Chapel
152 Famagusta Arnadi Agios Loukas Church
153 Famagusta Agios Georgios Agios Georgios Church
154 Famagusta Arnadi Panagia Genethlion Theotokou Church
155 Nicosia Kotsiatis Kotsiat Mosque Mosque
156 Nicosia Nisou Dizdarkoy Mosque Mosque
157 Nicosia Dali Dali Ziya Pasa Mosque Mosque
158 Nicosia Potamia Potamia Mosque Mosque
159 Famagusta Goufes Agios Georgios Church
160 Famagusta Lefkonoiko Sotiros Church
161 Famagusta Lefkonoiko Timios Stavros Church
162 Famagusta Lefkonoiko Archangelos Michail Church
163 Famagusta Spathariko Agios Loukas Church
164 Famagusta Arnadi Agios Andronikos Church
165 Famagusta Arnadi Name Unknown Church
166 Famagusta Agios Theodoros/Karpasia Agios Evlogios(cemetery) Church
167 Famagusta Agios Theodoros/Karpasia Agia Paraskevi Church
168 Famagusta Agios Theodoros/Karpasia Agios Theodoros Church
169 Famagusta Koilanemos/Karpasia Agios Georgios (in forest) Church
170 Famagusta Koilanemos/Karpasia Agios Georgios (in the village) Church
171 Famagusta Vokolida/Karpasia Agios Georgios Church

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