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Ref District Town_Village Denomination Category
172 Famagusta Vokolida/Karpasia Agia Thekla Church
173 Famagusta Vasili/Karpasia Agios Basileios Church
174 Famagusta Vasili Cemetery Church Church
175 Famagusta Vathylakas Agios Theodoros Church
176 Famagusta Vathylakas Agios Georgios (at Cemetery) Church
177 Famagusta Bathylakas Agios Konstantinos Church
178 Famagusta Vathylakas Agios Georgios Church
179 Famagusta Neta/Karpasia Agios Sergios Church
180 Famagusta Neta Panagia (Cemetery) Church
182 Larnaca Cellia Celya Mosque Mosque
183 Larnaca Klavdia Klavya Mosque Church
184 Larnaca Kalavasos Kalavasos Mosque Mosque
185 Larnaca Kossi Kossi Mosque Mosque
186 Larnaca Agios Theodoros Mosque Ayios Theodoros Mosque
187 Larnaca Kivisili Kivisil Mosque Mosque
188 Larnaca Alaminou Alaminou Mosque Mosque
189 Kyrenia Kato Dikomo Agios Georgios Church
190 Kyrenia Kato Dikomo Panagia ton Pervolion Church
191 Kyrenia Pano Dikomo Prophitis Zacharias Church
192 Kyrenia Pano Dikomo Agios Georgios (Ruins) Chapel
193 Kyrenia Agios Amvrosios Agios Amvrosios Church
194 Kyrenia Chartsia Archangelos Michail Church
195 Kyrenia Fterycha Apostolos Petros & Pavlos Church
196 Kyrenia Klepini Apostolos Loukas Church
197 Kyrenia Klepini Panagia (cemetery) Church
198 Kyrenia Agios Epiktitos Agios Epiktitos Church
199 Kyrenia Agios Epiktitos Prophitis Ilias Chapel
200 Kyrenia Agios Epiktitos Agios Georgios tou Sporou Chapel
201 Kyrenia Agios Epiktitos Agios Dimitrios Chapel
202 Kyrenia Bellapais Panagia Asproforousa Church
203 Kyrenia Bellapais Agios Georgios Chapel
204 Kyrenia Bellapais Agia Marina Chapel
205 Kyrenia Karakoumi Agios Vasileios Church
206 Kyrenia Kazafani Archangelos Michail Church
207 Kyrenia Kazafani Panagia Potamitissa Church
208 Kyrenia Kazafani Agios Georgios (Cemetery) Chapel
209 Kyrenia Kazafani Agios Andronikos Chapel
210 Kyrenia Thermeia Panagia Thermeiotissa Church
211 Kyrenia Agia Eirini Agia Eirini Church
212 Nicosia Agios Georgios Agios Georgios Church

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