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Ref District Town_Village Denomination Category
213 Nicosia Elia Agios Georgios Church
214 Nicosia Kalochorio Agios Modestos Church
215 Nicosia Lefka Panagia Akentou Church
217 Nicosia Morfou Agios Georgios Church
218 Nicosia Morfou Agia Paraskevi Church
219 Nicosia Morfou Agios Mamas church Church
220 Nicosia Nikitas Agios Nikitas Church
221 Nicosia Pentageia Agios Nikolaos Church
222 Nicosia Potamos Tou Kampou Agios Andreas Church
223 Nicosia Prastio Agios Georgios Church
224 Nicosia Prastio Agios Stylianos Church
225 Nicosia Prastio Agios Nikolaos Church
226 Nicosia Syrianochori Agios Nikolaos Church
227 Nicosia Syrianochori Panayia tou Mnasi Church
228 Limassol Limassol Piri Ali Dede Tekkesi Tekke
229 Limassol Limassol Dere Mosque (Koprulu Haci Ibrahim Cami) Mosque
230 Limassol Limassol Buyuk Mosque Mosque
231 Limassol Limassol Arnaut Mesjidi Mosque
232 Limassol Muttayaka Jami Jedid Mosque
233 Limassol Pentakomo Pentakomo Mosque Mosque
234 Limassol Polemidia Yukari Polemidia Mosque Mosque
235 Limassol Polemidia Asagı Polemidia Mosque Mosque
236 Limassol Armenochori Armenochori Mosque Mosque
237 Famagusta Trikomo Agios Iakovos Church
238 Famagusta Trikomo Agia Anastasia Church
239 Famagusta Trikomo Panagia Theotokos Church
240 Famagusta Trikomo Agia Varvara Church
241 Famagusta Trikomo Agios Georgios Church
242 Famagusta Trikomo Agios Georgios Church
243 Famagusta Trikomo/Pervolia Agios Epifanios Chapel
244 Famagusta Trikomo Agios Athanasios or Agios Andronikos? Chapel
245 Famagusta Davlos Agios Georgios Church
246 Famagusta Gerani/Karpasia Panagia Evangelistria Church
247 Famagusta Gerani/Karpasia Agia Aikaterini Church
248 Famagusta Gerani/Karpasia Agios Georgios Church
249 Famagusta Agios Symeon/Karpasia Agios Symeon Church
250 Famagusta Lythragkomi/karpasia Agios Georgios Church
251 Famagusta Lythragkomi Panagia Kanakaria Monastery
252 Famagusta Avgolida Agia Marina Church
253 Famagusta Patriki/Karpasia Panagia Trypimeni Chapel

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