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Ref District Town_Village Denomination Category
290 Famagusta Komi Kepir/Karpasia Agios Georgios Parouzos Church
291 Famagusta Komi Kepir/Karpasia Agios Photios Church
292 Famagusta Komi Kepir/Karpasia Agios Onufrios Church
293 Famagusta Komi Kepir/Karpasia Ag.Marina Church
294 Famagusta Leonarisso/Karpasia Agios Demetrios Church
295 Famagusta Leonarisso/Karpasia Agios Antonios Church
296 Famagusta Leonarisso/Karpasia Archangelos Church
297 Famagusta Leonarisso/Karpasia Agios Ioannis Church
298 Famagusta Koma tou Gialou/Karpasia Archangelos Church
299 Famagusta Koma tou Gialou/Karpasia Panayia Church
300 Famagusta Koma tou Gialou/Karpasia Agios Nikolaos Church
301 Famagusta Koma tou Gialou/Karpasia Ayia Solomoni Church
302 Famagusta Koma tou Gialou/Karpasia Agios Georgios Church
303 Famagusta Koma tou Gialou/Karpasia Ayioi Ioakim And Anna Church
304 Famagusta Koma tou Gialou/Karpasia Timios Stavros Church
305 Famagusta Koma tou Gialou/Karpasia Agios Prokopios Church
306 Famagusta Agios Andronikos/Karpasia Agia Marina (at cemetery) Church
307 Famagusta Agios Andronikos /Karpasia Agia Fotini Church
325 Kyrenia Sychari Panagia Apsinthiotissa Monastery
326 Nicosia Kythrea Panagia Chardakiotissa Church
327 Nicosia Kythrea Agia Anna Syrkania Church
328 Kyrenia Sychari Agios Mamas Church
329 Kyrenia Vouno Agios Romanos Church
330 Limassol Malia Malia Mosque Mosque
332 Paphos Agia Varvara Agia Varvara Mosque Mosque
333 Limassol Koilani Koilani Mosque Mosque
335 Paphos Kidasi Kidasi Mosque Mosque
314 Nicosia Neo Chorio Agios Theodoros Church
315 Nicosia Kythrea Agia Marina Church
316 Nicosia Kythrea (Chrysida) Apostolos Loukas Church
339 Nicosia Kythrea Agios Georgios Church
317 Nicosia Kythrea Panagia Theotokos Church
340 Nicosia Mia Milia Church Of Agios Georgios(Ruined) And Cemetery Church
341 Nicosia Omorphita Agios Dimitrianos Church
318 Nicosia Mandres Agios Georgios Church
342 Nicosia Within the Walls Agios Georgios Church
343 Nicosia Pyroi Agios Antypas Church
319 Nicosia Palaikythro Panagia Galaktotrofousa Church
344 Nicosia Nicosia Armenian Church Church
320 Nicosia Nicosia Apostolos Andreas Church

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