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Ref District Town_Village Denomination Category
345 Nicosia Kythrea Unknown Church Church
321 Limassol Kantou Moslem Cemetery Mosque
346 Nicosia Trachoni Panagia (+ Cemetery) Church
347 Kyrenia Vouno Agios Georgios Church
322 Limassol Moniatis Moniatis Mosque Mosque
348 Nicosia Trachoni Agios Nikolaos Church
323 Paphos Agios Ioannis Agios Ioannis Mosque Mosque
349 Nicosia Nicosia Apostolos Loukas Church
324 Paphos Agios Nikolaos Agios Nikolaos Mosque Mosque
350 Kyrenia Sychari Lavra Church of Agios Savvas Church
351 Nicosia Mia Milia Agios Ioannis Church
352 Kyrenia Sychari Church of Agios Nikolaos Church
353 Paphos Ktima Yeni Cami (Camii Jedid) Great Mosque Mosque
354 Nicosia Timbou Kirklar Tekke - Agioi Saranta Mosque
355 Limassol Kantou Kantou Mosque Mosque
356 Paphos Mandria Mandria Mosque Mosque
357 Limassol Silikou Silikou Mosque Mosque
358 Paphos Kato Paphos Asagi Baf Masjid and Ottoman Fountain Masjid
359 Paphos Kato Paphos Hasan Aga Masjid and Tekke Masjid & Tekke
360 Paphos Ktima Cami-i Kebir (Great Mosque - Aya Sofya) Mosque
361 Famagusta Agios Nikolaos Village Agios Nikolaos Church
362 Famagusta Akanthou Archangelos Chapel Church
363 Famagusta Akanthou Panagia Pergaminiotissa Church
364 Famagusta Trypimeni Panagia Eleousas Church
365 Kyrenia Kalograia Antifonitis Church
366 Famagusta Melounda Agia Paraskevi Church
367 Kyrenia Kalograia Melandrina ( Monastery) Church
368 Famagusta Akanthou Agios Mikhalos Church
369 Famagusta Akanthou Agios Pavlos Church
370 Famagusta Akanthou Agios Trikas Church
371 Famagusta Akanthou Agioi Pantes Church
372 Famagusta Akanthou Agios Theodoros Church
373 Famagusta Akanthou Agios Charalampos Church
374 Famagusta Akanthou Panagia Melissa Church
375 Famagusta Akanthou Agios Nikolaos Church
376 Famagusta Akanthou Agios Georgios tou Teichiou Chapel
377 Famagusta Akanthou Agia Marina Church
378 Famagusta Akanthou Agios Savas Chapel
379 Famagusta Akanthou Metamorfosis Sotiros Church
380 Famagusta Akanthou Agia Varvara Chapel

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