• Denomination: Hospitallers Church (St. John)

  • District: Famagusta

  • Town/Village: Famagusta/Within the Walls

  • Category: Church

  • Religion: Christian

  • A.Monument: Yes

  • Ref#: 22

Description (Typology, Period, Actual Use)

(This church is attached to the Templars church, St. John of ref.#23)

14th Century church, built probably without buttresses. Single aisled with groin vault ceiling and apse. Pointed windows light up the interior. West end used to have a covered porch. Used occasionaly as an exhibit space.

Closed. Not possible to visit the inside.

General Conditions

Structure: Very Good

Facade: Very Good

Roof: Good

Interior: Unknown (Not Visible)

Decoration: Unknown (Not Visible)

Mass: Preserved

Humidity: Unknown (Not Visible)


Building Materials

Technical Details/Materials Used

Walls: masonry stone

Roof: Unknown (Not Visible)

Floors: Unknown (Not Visible)

Doors: Unknown (Not Visible)

Windows: Unknown (Not Visible)


Icons: Not Available

Hagiography: Not Available

Michrap: Not Available

Small Signs: Not Available

Architect Plans

Architect Plans: No

Cadastral Elements: Not Available

Proposed Protection Measures

Continuous maintenance and humidity control required.