• Denomination: Timios Stavros (+Cemetery)

  • District: Nicosia

  • Town/Village: Kythrea

  • Category: Church

  • Religion: Christian

  • A.Monument: No

  • Ref#: 308

Description (Typology, Period, Actual Use)

Ruins are shown on cadastral map. The building materials were irregular. The remains of the walls are made of limestone, with outside of the walls being ashlar.  There was irregular rubble and lime mix in between (like Pyla tower walls) with some basalt. West face had lime blaster around the stones leaving their surface visible.

General Conditions

Structure: Ruin

Facade: Ruin

Roof: Ruin

Interior: Ruin

Decoration: Ruin

Mass: Decayed

Humidity: Unknown (Not Visible)


Building Materials

Technical Details/Materials Used

Walls: Unknown (Not Visible)

Roof: Unknown (Not Visible)

Floors: Unknown (Not Visible)

Doors: Unknown (Not Visible)

Windows: Unknown (Not Visible)


Icons: Not Available

Hagiography: Not Available

Michrap: Not Available

Small Signs: Not Available

Architect Plans

Architect Plans: No

Cadastral Elements: XIII.59 Village

Proposed Protection Measures