• Denomination: St. Mary of the Carmelites

  • District: Famagusta

  • Town/Village: Famagusta/Within the Walls

  • Category: Church

  • Religion: Christian

  • A.Monument: Yes

  • Ref#: 33

Description (Typology, Period, Actual Use)

St.Mary of the Carmelites was the church of a monastery built in the 14th century. It has a single nave of 4 bays and a three-sided apse. The roof had ribbed vaults. In the second bay, two shallow chapels were added. The exterior walls are supported by butresses. Pigeons are now damaging the interior. The church lies within the military camp. Roof and walls have collapsed.

General Conditions

Structure: Fair

Facade: Fair

Roof: Ruin

Interior: Fair

Decoration: Ruin

Mass: Decayed

Humidity: Dangerous


Building Materials

Technical Details/Materials Used

Walls: Ashlar Masonry

Roof: Destroyed

Floors: Unknown (Not Visible)

Doors: Destroyed

Windows: Destroyed


Icons: No

Hagiography: Yes

Michrap: No

Small Signs: No

Architect Plans

Architect Plans: Yes

Cadastral Elements: Not Available

Proposed Protection Measures

Continuous  maintenance is and urgent conservation and protection of existing fresco paintings are required.