• Denomination: Agia Photou

  • District: Famagusta

  • Town/Village: Famagusta/Within the Walls

  • Category: Church

  • Religion: Christian

  • A.Monument: Yes

  • Ref#: 34

Description (Typology, Period, Actual Use)

This was the site of the Franciscan nunnery of Famagusta with the ruins then called Ayia Fotou remaining. The cleaning processes in 1900 removed unfortunately much of the remains with the exception of a cellar, which was in use by the orthodox as a sort of underground church. It was built in 14th Century. 

General Conditions

Structure: Good

Facade: Good

Roof: Good

Interior: Unknown (Not Visible)

Decoration: Unknown (Not Visible)

Mass: Unknown (Not Visible)

Humidity: Existing Mark


Building Materials

Technical Details/Materials Used

Walls: SandStone

Roof: Unknown (Not Visible)

Floors: SandStone

Doors: Unknown (Not Visible)

Windows: Unknown (Not Visible)


Icons: Not Available

Hagiography: Not Available

Michrap: Not Available

Small Signs: Not Available

Architect Plans

Architect Plans: No

Cadastral Elements: Not Available

Proposed Protection Measures

Need to be preserved urgently