• Denomination: Agios Andronikos

  • District: Famagusta

  • Town/Village: Milia

  • Category: Church

  • Religion: Christian

  • A.Monument: No

  • Ref#: 4

Description (Typology, Period, Actual Use)

One aisled cross-vaulted church with a bell tower.  Period: Early XIX century.  Actual Use: Adandoned and empty. Exterior yard, and parts of the stone fence wall are destroyed.


General Conditions

Structure: Fair

Facade: Fair

Roof: Good

Interior: Fair

Decoration: Ruin

Mass: Preserved

Humidity: Dangerous

Comments: The buildings is in a very bad condition.

Building Materials

Technical Details/Materials Used

Walls: StoneWork and gypsum mortar

Roof: Stone and mortar without roof tiles

Floors: Prefabricated mosaic tiles

Doors: Unframed wooden panels. Damaged

Windows: Wooden frames, panels destroyed and missing. Iron bars on the outside exist.


Icons: No

Hagiography: No

Michrap: No

Small Signs: No

Architect Plans

Architect Plans: No

Cadastral Elements: Village plan, plot 47

Proposed Protection Measures

Walls need to be repaired and moistrure prevention measures to be implemented.